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About my dot art

I began experimenting with this style of dot art after being inspired by a simple idea; to repeat elements systematically and symmetrically over and over again. The results were immediately intriguing to me. After a few tries I dedicated myself to completing an entire sketchbook full of this style. No mistakes, no do-overs. Committing to each decision and execution. Dot after dot. Page after page.


Working with mistakes, balancing things as they come, working with what you have... and also disappointment, tension and expectation. Making them demands a steady hand, patience and concentration. Two of those things I struggle with in "real life" but I do seem to have a steady hand! 


I don't have a name for them as a style or as pieces themselves. For me they come from a place behind language. A place of fleeting visions, melodies and ideas. An elusive but rushing river. These are like two-dimensional crystallizations of the mist over that steady stream of inspiration. They are what they are. Whatever they are.


I hope you enjoy them,



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