The Ken and Tim Channel

Ken Rudderham and Tim Cranwill


The Ken and Tim Channel has been making videos since 2009. Using improv as a key ingredient throughout the creation of their work, Ken and Tim also try to weave between reality and fiction to keep their audience guessing! Framed within the cable access television world of their youth, the videos range from commercials to call-in shows, presentations to PSAs and from messages of friendship and holiday greatings to just plain awkwardness.


Check out some of their videos here: 

Besides making videos, for 5 years (2007-2012) Ken and Tim hosted the outdoor stage for The Winnipeg Fringe Festival (one of the world's premier Fringe Theatre Festivals!) as well as various promotional spots for media. During their 5 year stint as hosts, Ken and Tim delighted and disappointed audiences playing the part of idiotic hosts as well as dozens of fake performance-acts throughout the years.





Here are a few samples:

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